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Wingo’s Advantages and Characteristics

We make continuous efforts towards furthering the Wingo brand as a specialist manufacturer of specimen preparation equipments for diverse specimens.
We not only provide after-sales service of our products but also accommodate repair, modification, and maintenance needs of older Wingo products.
However, We may not be able to deal with all parts.
We keep a standing inventory of standard equipments and consumable materials to maintain a system of short-time delivery.
We are actively involved in development of relevant equipments and new products.
We also answer design and manufacture needs for customized equipments.

Test and Examination Devices

In preparing various specimens, Wingo’s testing and examination equipment can be used to check the optimal conditions in the respective processes of: “cutting” ⇒ “mounting” ⇒ “grinding/polishing” ⇒ “drying.” Please feel free to inquire.

Testing Equipment

Model L-7000
Specimen Cutter・・・・・Maximum cutting ability: 60mmφ
Model P-4210
Specimen Mounting Press・・・・・25, 32, 38, and 40mmφ
Model L-2150
8” Floor-based Specimen Grinder/Polisher
Model L-3150
12” Floor-based Specimen Grinder/Polisher
Model FAS-2/3
Automatic Pressurized polisher
Model L-5000
System polisher
Model L-6500
Wide-use polisher
Model L-6050
Simple polisher
Model L-1800
Specimen Dryer
Model L-1305, Model L-1350, and Model L-1400
Various Auto drive device

Examination Equipment

  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Surface Roughness Testers
  • Hardness Meters
  • Digital Cameras
  • Color Printers, etc.