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Wingo products are used for microstructural observation, surface hardness measurement, etc., in various fields for research & development and quality assurance of diverse materials.

Specimen Cutters

Wingo is proud to offer optimal functions for precision wet cutting of various materials. Our models cover maximum cutting specifications from 30mmφ to 130mmφ.

Hot Mounting Presses

Sample pieces are mounted rapidly in resin by heating and pressing.
Manual, semiautomatic, automatic, and fully automatic types are available.

Specimen Polishers

Diverse models for rough grinding to finishing polishing are available. Automatic grinding/polishing is also made possible by auto drive attachments.

Automatic Polishers

Complete automation from plane grinding to final washing/drying is made possible by combination of specimen preparation systems.

Specimen Dryers

Clean hot air is blown out powerfully from a nozzle to achieve instantaneous drying of specimen surfaces.

Consumable Grinding/Polishing Materials

Various consumables for specimen preparation are available for selection according to material, shape, dimensions, etc., of the sample.