Specimen preparation equipments and consumables for microstructural examination of materials

Wingo specializes in the manufacture of preparation equipments for analytical specimen

Wingo manufactures equipments for rapid preparation of specimens from test pieces of various materials, from ferrous and nonferrous metals to ceramics, semiconductors, high-tech materials, rocks, teeth, and bones.

Introduction of new products

new products

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Wingo machines before shipment

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Wingo Products

Reliable follow-up services

To ensure long use of Wingo products, we are dedicated to providing reliable repair, maintenance, and other follow-up services after installation. Visiting maintenance services by company staff can also be provided. Please feel free to inquire.


Dec. 27, 2019
L-1380 Stonewell Set is discontinued.
Oct. 16, 2019
We have updated the product.
June. 5, 2014
Update Automatic Pressurized polisher Model FAS-2 MOVIE.
Apr. 4, 2014
Update EADA(Power Auto Drive Attachment) MOVIE.
May. 16, 2013
We have delivered the Specimen Dryers (New Product).
Dec. 28, 2011
We have delivered the Model FAS-3 Automatic Pressurized Polisher.
Nov. 16, 2011
Our HP has been renewed.
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