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New Model

【New Type Automatic Mounting Press 】PO-40 One Touch Press

Easy Operation With New Design and Touch Panel Display!


Mounting Press PO-40 One Touch Press Specification

Outer Dimension(mm) 320W X 530D X 576H
Weight Approx. 56Kg
Paint Color White(Option:Black)
Power Supply 1-phase 100V 50/60Hz
Heater AC110V/400w
Hydraulic Pump AC100V/200W
Operation/Control Touch Panel/Sequencer
Pressurizing Setting Setting With Pressure Switch (Max:7MPa)
Temperature Setting Setting with temperature controller (Room temperature~180°C)
At the time of overheating,power of heater is cut off, buzzer sound
Time setting Preheating time(Gas venting), Moulding time is individually set on touch panel
Max:59minutes 59seconds
Mould size/Refered Pressure setting value(Resin moulding Pressure 17MPa/cm2 per hour)
Φ25:2.7MPa / Φ30/32:4.2~4.4MPa / Φ38/40:6.3~6.9MPa
※【Φ25~32】【Φ38/Φ40】have different size of base plate of mould part and heater unit
Usable resin Thermosetting resin(Fenolic resin, Diallyl phthalate resin,Epoxy resin)
Thermoplastics resin(Acrylic resin/Separately exclusive air cooling style cooler required)

Adopted new design and touch panel,easy operation of automatic moulding with one button

Silent sound design(less than
50dB )with new hydraulic pump unit

AC100V power supply,energy saving up to 4A during heating time and up to 7A during pump operating

Low price for automatic mounting press, adopted with safety cover on high temperature part

No gas venting operation required for resin by automatic control,6minutes (minimum)for moulding(Φ25/fenolic resin)

Gas venting process is performed by heating without pressuring during preheating time

Mould cylinder and heater unit are identical and compatible with our hand press

At the time of overheating,power of heater is automatically cut off and alarm notification