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Privacy Policy

Personal Information Management
Wingo recognizes the importance of personal information, shall strive to manage and protect personal information through compliance to laws and regulations, etc., related to personal information, and shall make all efforts to provide a website that can be used securely by our customers.
Collection of Personal Information
If necessary in the use of our website, we may ask our customers for personal information. In such a case, we shall notify the purpose, scope of use, etc., in advance and shall limit the information collection to the necessary range of personal information.
Disclosure of Personal Information
We shall appropriately manage personal information made known to us from our customers and shall not disclose or present the information to a third party without approval of our customers. However, the information may be disclosed in a case where disclosure is demanded by laws and regulations or when disclosure is demanded by a court, police, or other public institution.
Use of Personal Information
There may be cases where we shall send information on services we believe are beneficial to our customers or products/services of our affiliates by e-mail, mail, etc. A customer can stop such transmission/delivery by notification to Wingo.
Correction/Deletion of Personal Information
Upon receiving a request for correction or deletion concerning a customer’s own personal information, we shall make accommodations within reasonable limits upon confirmation that the request has been made by the customer him/herself.
Use of JavaScript
JavaScript is used in our website for convenient use of our website by our customers. Site contents may not operate properly or a page may not be displayed if JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript in using our website.