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Metal Sets

L-1210 L-5210    ※These products are a culmination of our forefront technologies.

The Metal sets are extremely affordable sets of products that reliably provide the functions essential for metal sample grinding/polishing.

Details of Metal Sets L-1210

Model Product Qty
L-1010 Single-axis tabletop polisher
 240min-1(at60Hz) or 120min-1 (L-1000)
1 unit
L-1305 Auto Drive sets 1 set
L-1310 Specimen holder 25φ × 6 holes
 or 32φ × 5 holes (L-1311)
 or 38φ × 3 holes (L-1312)
1 pc.
L-1320 Setting platform 1 pc.
L-1321 Pressure plate 25φ
 or 32φ (L-1322) or 38φ (L-1323)
1 pc.
L-1520 8” aluminum disk with hole/with fluororesin(PTFE) coating 4 sheets
  8” Next paper with hole and adhesive P180
8” Next paper with hole and adhesive P400
8” Next paper with hole and adhesive P1200
10 sheets each
M-1400 8” Clearon cloth with hole and adhesive 2 sheets
M-1210 Alumina liquid 1.0C 230g 1 bottle
The Metal sets L-5210 is a high-power, variable-speed set with the L-5000 polisher.
product photo
product photo product photo

Set Details

The Auto drive sets is extremely useful for performing automatic grinding/polishing and is especially optimal for resin-molded metal specimens (mold diameter: 25φ, 32φ, 38φ).
The polishing disks are aluminum disks of 8” outer diameter. All are compatible with the main unit and can be attached/detached easily. Four disks (three for paper and one for cloth) are included as standard.
The Next papers are silicon carbide papers with uniform particles of high wear resistance and high cutting properties.
The Clearon cloth is made of high quality nylon and is optimal for final polishing of metal samples.
The alumina liquid C (1.0μ) is a liquid suspension of high-purity alumina and is optimal for combined use with the Clearon cloth.
The polishing time can be shortened by using a diamond slurry or paste for polishing after grinding.