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Variable Speed System polishers L-5000 Series

Variable speed polishers. Attachments can be mounted.

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L-5000 Series polisher Specifications

Model Product Rotation speed Motor output Outer dimensions(mm) Weight
L-5000 8” single-axis tabletop model 0 to 300min-1 400W Inverter control
(per axis)
390W×540D×405H Approx. 30kg
L-5010 8” two-axis tabletop model 770W×540D×405H Approx. 60kg
L-5020 8” three-axis tabletop model 1150W×540D×405H Approx. 90kg
L-5030 8” four-axis tabletop model 1530W×540D×405H Approx. 120kg
L-5100 8” single-axis floor-based model 390W×540D×960H Approx. 45kg
L-5110 8” two-axis floor-based model 770W×540D×960H Approx. 75kg
L-5120 8” three-axis floor-based model 1150W×540D×960H Approx. 105kg
L-5130 8” four-axis floor-based model 1530W×540D×960H Approx. 135kg
Power supply: 1-phase 100/110V 50/60Hz (standard), 1-phase·3-phase 200/220V, Also compatible with 50/60Hz. Water supply 1/2” Water drain 1”
Besides the 8” (205φ) models, 9” (225φ) models are also available.

Standard Accessories

・8” (205φ) aluminum disk with hole/with fluororesin(PTFE) coating (per axis) 1 pc.
・Water supply hose (12mmφ × 3m) with joint 1 set
・Water drain hose (32mmφ × 1m) with joint 1 set

Optional Items

・8” (205φ) and 9” (225φ) aluminum disks without hole  
・8” and 9” paper holder rings (for adhesive-free applications)  
・8” and 9” buff fastening bands (for adhesive-free applications)  
・8” and 9” splash-proof covers  
・8” and 9” dust-proof covers