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Specimen polishers

System Attachments

The system attachments are compact devices for performing accurate and highly precise grinding/polishing of thin samples of rocks, minerals, teeth, bones, plants, etc., which have been considered difficult to grind/polish without considerable long-term experience. Grinding/polishing of semiconductor wafers and substrates is also made easy.
The diverse attachments are prepared under rigorous precision control and can be selected freely and mounted or exchanged easily. The attachments are available in two types - auto drive, free drive.

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Auto Drive Set/L-1305

Extremely useful attachments for performing automatic grinding/polishing. Especially optimal for resin-molded metal specimens.
A specimen holder, pressure plate and setting platform are added in the Auto Drive Simple Set.

Free Drive Set/L1350

Automatic grinding/polishing attachments for wafers and other flat specimens. Optimal for semiconductors and ceramics.
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