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Automatic Surface Shaper Model MEN-200

For uniform surface shaping of a specimen set on a specimen holder. Rapid surface shaping is enabled by use of a diamond grinding disk.


Power supply 3-phase 220V/60Hz
Water supply Tap water 20N
Disk Grinding disk is fitted in a 225φ aluminum disk (flat).
Disk rotation speed 0 to 300min-1 stepless (6 to 60Hz)
Motor 3-phase 220V 750W 4P
Pressing force 0 to 500N
Specimen holder 40φ × 3 holes 50φ × 2 holes
Specimen rotating motor 1-phase 220V 90W 4P
Vertical pressing motor 1-phase 220V 60W 4P
Outer dimensions(mm) W740×D1120×H1900
Weight Approx. 230kg
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