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Hot Mounting Presses (Hot Pressing Models)

Turret Motorized Press Model P-4101

A power hydraulic press that enables a mounted specimen to be unloaded by a one-touch operation.
The gas venting process is also incorporated.

Product Specifications

Power Supply 1-phase 100/110V 50/60Hz
Mold Size Φ25 or Φ32 or Φ38 or Φ40(mm)
Heater 1-phase 110V 600W
Temperature Control Digital setting indicator
Standard Mounting Time 7 to 10 minutes(Digital setting)
Power Consumption Motor 550W(800VA at 60Hz)
Heater 600W
Control 55VA
Outer Dimensions(mm) 570W×460D×825H
Paint Color N401
Weight Approx. 120kg
The Model P-4102 turret motorized press is adapted to the 50φ and 58φ (mm) mold sizes.

Standard Accessories (provided in all models)

・Gloves 1 pair
・Funnel, spoon, flat-blade screwdriver 1 each
・Silicon spray 1 can
・Phenol resin black (700g) 1 can
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Please designate the mold size from among the four standard types.
In case of exchange to a mold of different size, please inquire because there may be parts in common and parts that differ.
The mold sizes are slightly smaller than inch sizes in consideration of the holder setting of the specimen polisher.
Approximately 40 specimens of 32φ × 25t (mm) size can be mounted with 1kg of the phenolic resin.
See the page on mounting consumables and coolers in regard to the mounting resins and coolers.