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Automatic polisher

Automatic Pressurized polisher Model FAS-3

Simple to operate. polishing is performed automatically after simply setting the time,pressure and Disk rotation speed.

丸印 Diamond grinding/polishing is enabled by employment of the MG system.


Power supply 3-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
Disk 12" aluminumMG disk
Disk rotating motor 3-phase 200V 0.75kW 0 to 300min-1
Pressing motor 200V 60W 4P With a brake
Pressing force 20 to 400N
Holder rotating motor 3-phase 200V90W4P 60min-1Fixed speed
Outer dimensions(mm) W700×D815×H1045
Weight Approx. 140kg

Standard Accessories

φ300 aluminumMG disk 1 set
・Water supply/drain hose (with joint) 1 set
・Specimen holder 1 pc.
・Specimen setting platform 1 unit

Optional Items

・Diamond Slurry Supplying Device  
・Rubricant Dripping Device  
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