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Grinding/polishing Disks

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Aluminum disks Lightweight and excellent in corrosion resistance. Equipped as standard in our polishers (with the exception of the L-6050 and L-6500 series).
Stainless steel disks In comparison to aluminum disks, rust hardly forms on the grinding/polishing disks and these disks can also withstand weak acids and alkalis. Ideal for buffing.
Cast iron disks (with/without groove) For lapping using a water-based or oil-based loose abrasive. (Applications: metals, resins, semiconductors, etc.)
PVC disks Lightweight and excellent in corrosion resistance and low cost. Equipped as standard in L-6050 and L-6500 series.

The polishing disks of the above table are all compatible, and attachment and removal can be performed easily by simply raising the fitting.
Standard sizes of Aluminum disks 8” (205φ), 9” (225φ), and 12” (300φ) are available.
With the fluororesin coated disk, a fluororesin sheet is attached to further facilitate removal of various papers, etc.
Disks with central hole have a hole for setting on a Wingo attachment(ADA).
Disks without central hole (flat Disks) are used EADA, FAS-2, FAS-3 etc and when performing manual grinding/polishing.
If processed MG to Flat disks, can use MG systems.
Stainless plate (Fluororesin-Coated) scanty and low cost. When stick it on a buff use it for MG System, a merit appears.
9” disk is recommended for grinding/polishing round materials (when the L-1210 or L-5210 Metal sets is used).
PVC disks can use for L-6050 and L-6500 series. φ225 disk is only L-6500 series.