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Automatic polisher

Automatic Pressurized polisher Model FAS-2

Simple to operate. polishing is performed automatically after simply setting the time and pressure. Upgraded version of Model FAS-1.

Diamond grinding/polishing is enabled by employment of the MG system.


Power supply 1-phase 100/110V 50/60Hz
Disk 200φ aluminum MG disk
Holder rotating motor 0.4kW Inverter control
0 to 300min-1
Holder pressing motor 1-phase 100v 60w 4P Reversible
60min-1 Fixed speed
Pressing force 20 to 300N
Pressing motor 1-phase 100V60W4P With a blake
Outer dimensions(mm) W390×D715×H958
Weight Approx. 90kg

Standard Accessories

・φ200 aluminum MG disk 1 set
・Water supply/drain hose (with joint) 1 set
・Specimen holder 1 pc.
・Specimen setting platform 1 unit

Optional Items

・9” aluminum disk  
product photo product photo

Operation Procedure

1. Specimen onto the holder.
2. Rough ~ midle process are 2~3 process, set the disks on MD Disk. Attach and set the paper onto the disk in consideration of performing the paper process three times.
3. Mount the holder onto the pressing shaft.
4. Set the polishing time within a range of 0 to 30 minutes.
5. Set the polishing pressure within a range of 20 to 300N or 20 to 400N.
6. Turn on the faucet and let a small amount of water drip.
7. Press the ON switch. (The holder and disk begin to rotate and the pressing shaft descends and contacts the disk to pressurize. The descent stops automatically when the load value is reached.)
8. When the timer reaches zero, the polishing ends and the holder rises.
9. Turn off the faucet.
10. Remove the holder from the pressing shaft, check the polish surface, re-attach, and perform the next process. Exchange the disk with that for the next process. Repeat the same procedure to perform the Rough~midle process paper process.
11. (Buff process)Set the buffing disk in consideration of performing the buffing process one or two times and drip the polishing liquid onto the disk surface. The operation procedure is the same as that for the Rough~midle process paper process. (Immediately after buff polishing, wash the polish surface and dry with a dryer.)