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Specimen Mounting Devices

Mounting Consumables and Coolers

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Hot Mounting Resins

Phenolic Resins (Black · Red) 2kg, 10kg For hot mounting. Molding can be completed in 6 to 8 minutes.
Low in cost for easy acquisition.
Diallyl Phthalate Resins (Green) 2kg, 10kg For hot mounting. Better in curing property than phenolic resins.
Acrylic Resins (Transparent) 2kg, 10kg Thermoplastic resin. Molding is performed by melting by heating and then molding by cold pressing in a cooler.
Silicon Oil Spray (Mold Release) 420ml Prevents attachment of resin.(integrate LPG)
Silicon Oil (Mold Release) 1kg Prevents attachment of resin.(No LPG)
Epoxy resin (1kg) and polyester resin (1kg) for cold mounting are also available.

Heater cover・Cylinder scrow cover

Mounting Coolers

For mounting in acrylic resin, after elapse of the heating time, the heater is switched to the cooler to perform cold pressing.
The cooler (air cooling) is necessary for preparation of specimens mounted in acrylic resin or other transparent resin. Please order as an optional item.
Please use the cooler in accordance with the mold size.

Cold Mounting Molding Cups
   Product made in Polyacetal resin
   Aka Mold

25Φ, Φ30, Φ40, Φ50 (mm)
10pcs each
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