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Automatic polisher

Automatic Finishing polisher Model FAS-300

High-performance automatic polisher adapted to various specimens. Highly reproducible preparation work is enabled by control of polishing times controlled by a touch panel and supply control of a diamond liquid and a lubricant liquid.


Power supply 3-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
Air 0.6MPa
Water 20N
Polishing disk motor 3-phase 200V 1.5kW 4P
Disk rotation speed 150min-1
Polishing disk diameter Φ300
Specimen holder
rotating motor
3-phase 200V 0.4kW with speed reducer
Specimen holder rotation speed 150min-1
Outer dimensions(mm) W520×D560×H1420
Cutting water With circulating device
Polishing channel
0 to 9 (10CH)
Polishing process 9µ, 6µ, 3µ, 1µ (4 processes)
Polishing stages Initial polishing, main polishing, final polishing (3 stages)
Polishing method Diamond or paper
Polishing pressure setting 50 to 700KPa
(Regulator adjustment range: 100 to 400KPa)
Polishing time setting 1 to 999S
Polishing liquid supply
cycle setting
1 to 99.9S
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