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Specimen Dryers (New Product)

Performs instantaneous drying by strong hot blowing for immediate prevention of specimen oxidation.

Clean hot air is blown powerfully from a nozzle to instantaneously dry a specimen surface after wet polishing or etching of a test piece.
Prevents oxidation and dust attachment due to evaporation of water leaching out from cracks, inclusions, etc, of a specimen.
An air intake filter removes contaminants to allow use even in a dirty air environment.

Specimen Dryers

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Model Product Power supply Outer dimensions(mm) Weight
L-1800 Specimen dryer 1-phase 100/110V 50/60Hz
Blower 380W
Quantity of wind Up to 2.0m³/min
Wind pressure 12.3kPa
Nozzle inside diameter Φ12mm
Electric power consumption 800W
W260×D392×H320 Approx. 13kg

Model L-1801 is equipped with a foot switch that is convenient for large specimens.


Can switch between hot air and cold air.
Nozzle direction can be changed freely.
An air filter is attached to the air intake port.
ELB, Temperature-fuse are attached for safty.
Disagree voltage(single plase 115~240V)can manufacture.
However, dimension and weight are changed for add a Trance.
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