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Specimen Mounting Devices (Cold Curing Models)

Automatic Epoxy Resin Mounting Device Model RAM-1

Fast, accurate resin-filled molding is performed by automatic injection of a liquid resin (two-liquid mixture) into a molding die in which a test piece is set.

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Product Specifications

Device Configuration ・Two-liquid mixture cutoff device
・Electrical device
・Front/back conveying table
Outer Dimensions(mm) 3100W×1300D×2050H
Weight Approx. 350kg
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Accurate cutoff-injection of a two-liquid mixture (containing proportion-controlled amounts of a base resin and a curing agent that are stirred together uniformly).
Cutoff-injection amounts of the two-liquid mixture can be controlled by performing volume calculation of the test pieces on an electronic balance.
Identity management is possible.
Cut-off injection can be performed in a short time (within 5 minutes/specimen).
The molding die size can be changed.
The curing time can be shortened by addition of an insulating cover.

Cold Mounting Molding Cups

 Product made in Polyacetal resin
 Aka Mold
10 pcs. each