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Hot Mounting Presses (Hot Pressing Models)

Fully Automated Mounting Device Model FAMP-82S

This device automatically molds a specimen test piece in resin by hot press mounting and unloads the mounted specimen.
A turntable system is provided with a resin amount computing device. 40 specimens can be mounted continuously.
Especially advantageous for mounting of easily tilted materials.

Product Specifications

Power Supply 3-phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
Air 100 liters/min, 0.4 to 0.5MPa
Mold Size 25Φ or 32Φ or 38Φ or 40Φ(mm)
Pressing Method Hydraulic drive
Mounting Time Max. speed: 6 minutes/specimen
Heater 200V AC 2.7kw water-cooled type
Machine Dimensions(mm) 1700W×925D×1800H
(not including projecting parts)
Weight Approx. 900kg

Standard Accessories (provided in all models)

・Gloves 1 pair
・Funnel, spoon, flat-blade screwdriver 1 each
・Silicon spray 1 can
・Phenolic resin black (700g) 1 can
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We have Turntable system and Conveyor system.