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Specimen Cutters

Medium Cutters Models L-6000A/6100A, L-7000A/7100A, L-8000A/8100A, and L-9000A/9100A

Auto Front/Back-slide Cutting Type


Automatic cutting is performed by one-touch operation. The cutter automatically returns to the original state after the end of cutting.
A changeover switch enables easy switching between automatic cutting and manual cutting.
Motorized cutting feeding enables smooth cutting without variations.
A dial enables free, stepless adjustment of the cutting feeding speed.
External coolant tank provided with wheels to enable easy exchange of cutting fluid.
The upper safety cover opens to the front to facilitate work.
UD models (in which the whetstone shaft moves vertically) are also available.
product photo


※The safety cover is transparent.

product photo


※The safety cover is transparent.

Product Specifications

Model L-6000A/6100A L-7000A/7100A L-8000A/8100A L-9000A/9100A
Max. Cutting Ability 55mmΦ 60mmΦ 70mmΦ 80mmΦ
Power Supply 3-phase 200/220V
3-phase 200/220V
3-phase 200/220V
3-phase 200/220V
Machine Dimensions(mm) 980W×750D×1150H 1130W×820D×1200H 1150W×980D×1350H 1200W×1100D×1360H
Spindle Motor 3-phase 1.5kw 3-phase 2.2kw 3-phase 3.7kw 3-phase 3.7kw
Spindle Speed 3,000min-1 2,800min-1 2,500min-1 2,300min-1
Outer diameter×Thickness×Hole diameter(mm)
230Φ×1.2×31.75Φ 255Φ×1.2×31.75Φ 305Φ×1.5×31.75Φ 355Φ×1.5×31.75Φ
Cooling Device 40W coolant pump, 25-liter tank 60W coolant pump, 30-liter tank 100W coolant pump, 60-liter tank 100W coolant pump, 80-liter tank
Vice Opening Width Double-column clamping 55mm Double-column clamping 65mm Double-column clamping 80mm Double-column clamping 100mm
Horizontal Vice Movement Fixed/50mm Fixed/70mm Fixed/70mm Fixed/80mm
Angular Cutting Fixed/25° Fixed/25° Fixed/25° Fixed/25°
Front/Back Cutting Speed 0 to 100mm/min 0 to 100mm/min 0 to 100mm/min 0 to 100mm/min
Machine Weight Approx. 220kg Approx. 270kg Approx. 310kg Approx. 350kg
The vice is fixed in models L-6000A, L-7000A, L-8000A, and L-9000A.
The vice is horizontally movable in models L-6100A, L-7100A, L-8100A, and L-9100A.